Saturday, June 29, 2013

Illiteracy Pathway to Enslavement

Illiteracy is a big problem in the United States and the Zimmerman trial has laid this fact bare for the entire world to see. When I think back on the old days of slavery in the United States and remember how it used to be illegal to teach blacks to read because knowledge is power, and how some white people would risk fines and imprisonment to teach reading and writing to them and the blacks would be whipped if they were caught, it begs the question, when and why did this precious skill become “uncool” and ignorance in our culture become a preferable state of being? Voluntarily putting chains of ignorance on to become slaves is unnatural and must be cultivated and I believe that is what has happened in our country. 
There are those in high places that have lead many people like lemmings to the cliff. They followed the Pied Piper to the valley of ignorance through the intentional breakup of the family and tearing down of our traditional values. The state has become the daddy and husband and the fathers have become irrelevant. The fruits of this failed experiment lay all around us and illiteracy is just one symptom. Others are the high dependence upon the state for housing, food, health care, and our youth wandering in a wilderness of confusion that can result from an upbringing devoid of a father. 

The United States wasn’t built by people who were of that mindset, we were a self-sufficient people who wanted the least possible government intrusion in our lives because we saw with our experience with King George just what a tyrannical government could become. Hence, our founding fathers tried in every way possible to ensure that we would be free from such tyranny. The tyrants among us like wolves in sheep's clothing patiently chipped away at our Constitution and our cohesive society until we are so ignorant about what made us free that we no longer know how to be or live free; so, they have us right where they want us, ignorant and dependent. The tyrants are ready to swoop in for the kill. 

The one question I am left with is, are there still enough people left in our land that are capable of understanding and articulating what it means to be a free people because if there are, those people need to uplift their fellow man through education. We need to overcome the societal glorification of ignorance and dependence if we want to have a hope of defeating the veil of tyranny that is extinguishing the light of liberty that once was America.We must remember as a society just how liberating education is for people of every color and persuasion.

Sunday, March 31, 2013


In America there is no place for a so-called free speech zone—all of America is a free speech zone.  This includes our right to freely exercise our religious beliefs—no matter where we are, including government property.  We have a right to say a blessing over a meal even if it is being eaten at school or say a blessing before a graduation or a ballgame—and to say it in any way we choose—even to say it in the name of Jesus because we have a right to do so given to us by our Creator and defended by our 1st Amendment.

In America, the militia, which is just another word for the public in general that gets together to defend against a common foe, infringement of the right to keep and bear arms is unacceptable.  The arms we keep and bear must be comparable to the arms held by a standing army in order to prevent a tyrannical takeover of our country. I am no expert on guns but my point is if our professional military arms their forces with a weapon such as an AR15, then we need comparable weapons. This is the only thing that keeps us free and anyone who attempts to persuade you otherwise is trying to persuade you to accept your chains and be happy about it.

In America, there is no place where giving up our right to be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects is acceptable without  probable cause and an oath or affirmation used to issue a warrant for a search and/or seizure.  This includes the airport and train and bus stations and anywhere that a crazy person might want to cause mayhem. The answer to a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. There is no way that after 9/11 anyone with nefarious aims will ever again get away with hijacking another airplane. Americans would rather risk dying taking down a hijacker and preventing another disaster like 9/11, so all of the unconstitutional groping and radiating at airports is just window dressing and is unnecessary. It is all just to make us “feel” like they are keeping us safe but in reality is just conditioning us to giving up our 4th Amendment rights.

In America there is no room for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). In one fell swoop the NDAA takes away our right to a trial. We can now be kidnapped by the government and held indefinitely and tortured. They can take our property and take our lives, all without due process—and why can they do this? Because the NDAA gives the power over life and death of Americans to just one person and that person is whoever is occupying the chair in the oval office.  He doesn’t have to say who is on his assassination list. He can keep everything quiet and hidden behind the veil of “national security” and never say a word.

In America the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Or to the people—herein lies our hope. We the people must use the constitutional tool of nullification to put this genie back into the bottle. It is necessary for the sake of our children. Some states are already having some success with it. The answer lies in returning to the constitution where it has been all along. We owe our founders a great debt of gratitude for the blueprint that they left for us.

We the people are the last line in the defense of freedom. We must find a way to rid ourselves of the electronic and computer voting systems that are so easily corrupted. Perhaps the answer is a system that gives a receipt when you vote. Then the receipts would be inserted into a locked container and at the end of the day they would be counted and compared to the electronic/computer vote count to see if they matched and if they did not match there would be an investigation to see why. If they did match the votes would be called into a central vote tallying center in full view of everyone. It is simple accounting and makes perfect sense to me. Yes, it would be more time consuming and would take more effort but to save the integrity of our election system, I believe this is a very necessary change. This would be a start. Honest voting is where we must begin.

Federal Reserve Note=Tool of Control

“It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” -- Henry Ford (1863-1947) American Industrialist, on banking and Federal Reserve Fraud

By educating our fellow Americans we can go back to honest money; money that isn’t just printed out of thin air—perhaps going back to the requirements of our constitution—gold and silver coins—whatever it takes to constrain the government because right now the Federal Reserve prints out endless dollars and we have to borrow that money with interest. This is just insane. If people understood that without debt there would be no money at all and that because of this fact we live in perpetual debt and it is set up this way to enrich a small group of bankers who have power derived from this system. They use this power to run the world. These bankers finance elections, universities, media—you name it and their fingerprints are all over it. For them it is all about control. They get away with it because we allow it. 

We must end the Federal Reserve if we ever want to end this vicious cycle. We are running out of time though. It wouldn’t be so bad if these people were benevolent in their aims; but, unfortunately they are eugenic in nature and want to reduce the population of the world dramatically and are going about it in diabolical ways. Funding endless wars is an obvious way; using Al Qaeda as a tool they are trying to put an end to countries that do not believe in usury and all the while killing millions of people in vicious ways. 

Through the use of more insidious, less obvious ways they are funding the sterilization of people. Some of these include:

 Genetically Modified Organisms, also known as GMOs or ‘Frankenfood’. 

Medical vaccines containing toxins are given to infants and toddlers as a ‘requirement’ to enter into the public schools.

 Fluoride is a poisonous industrial waste which is central to the conversion of aluminum ore into aluminum metal, and in the manufacture of pesticides, is placed into the municipal water supply under the pretense of preventing cavities. 

 Geo-engineering, the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system with the aim of reducing global warming, calls for tons of aluminum, barium, and strontium aerosols to be sprayed into the upper atmosphere each day and used in conjunction with H.A.A.R.P to manipulate the weather by heating the atmosphere and change weather patterns.  

Moreover, there is the very real threat posed by nuclear reactors positioned on fault lines with highly toxic spent fuel rods located precariously in above ground pools. One is forced to ask—is this by accident? How on earth did this come about? The fact that cancer rates have skyrocketed is no accident. Neurological disorders are off the chart. Fertility is plummeting. Attacks seem to be coming from every direction. It is almost as if we are in a race to the finish—to see whether the human race can wake up to the dangers before being exterminated. One thing for sure is that those who are calling the shots are psychopaths who have no empathy for what they are doing to the people of this world or to the earth itself.

Solutions…I tend to lean towards the understanding that we are so far down the rabbit hole that it is too late to turn back, that if we will not abolish the Federal Reserve and hold the banking oligarchs responsible for the bondage that they have inflicted upon our people, then we might as well crouch down and lick the hand that feeds us and accept our servitude. We have as a people been so indoctrinated at the universities and public schools and through the media that most people won’t even see the chains around their ankles until the lock is sealed tight and there is no way to fight back; however, there is a glimmer of hope left in my heart. The gun debate has awakened many to the fact that their freedom is under attack. Maybe, just maybe, this will in turn cause a greater awakening to the bigger picture. The United States of America was built upon freedom and freedom cannot easily be extinguished. It burns ever so brightly in my heart and I will die before I will live in the bondage of serfdom and I doubt that I am the only one with the fire still burning in his or her heart. So yes I do still have hope—it is possible to awaken enough people to make a real difference and to use the tools given to us in the Constitution such as nullification and the Bill of Rights.

Welcome to 1984

We have arrived. How do I know? Out of all of the many changes to our way of life that have us ever more subjected to Big Brother and the double speak of the media and of government,  just what is this benchmark that indicates we have arrived at George Orwell’s 1984? That line was crossed beyond any doubt when America was fighting Al Qaeda and causing our 4th Amendment and  1st Amendment rights to be ever more lost at home in said war while simultaneously funding and supporting the very same Al Qaeda overseas in places such as Libya and Syria. We are funding their weaponry which is becoming ever more sophisticated and we are funding their training. In Afghanistan we are helping to grow the opium and ship it out while at the same time we incarcerate people in America who partake in said opium.  When you see videos of Al Qaeda chopping off the heads of Christians in Syria or Libya such as the one that was released this week, you can look in down at your hands if you are an American and see the blood dripping from your own fingertips because there has been nary a peep out of the public about this American support of Al Qaeda. What sort of trance must they believe we are in for them to believe that we won't notice the double-speak of spending our blood and fortune fighting Al Qaeda and all the while funding and supporting them? We are truly in 1984.

In addition to the double-speak about our adversary, they are tracking our finances and our use of the internet and media. Agenda 21 avenues will determine every aspect of your life such as where you live, what you eat, and how much energy you may consume. With all of the smart appliances that will communicate with the smart grid they will control the very temperature of your house and determine if you are using more than your “share” of electricity and turn yours off if they so determine. Sedating us with the sitcoms and video games and sports keep us from talking to each other about things that are really important and keep us in a type of sleep state where we just go to work and come home and plug into media of some sort and tune out to what is happening in the world. If the nightly news of the alphabet networks does not tell you it is happening, then you just can’t believe it could be of real importance. So once you understand how far we have already gone down this rabbit hole, is it any wonder why Alice can’t find her way home or even understand that she is even lost? Before you tell me to put on my tinfoil hat, just revisit what Robert Gibbs said about being told to deny that there was even a drone program when it was common knowledge that there was one. There are puppet masters behind the curtain that must be exposed. Obama, Bush, Clinton…they are all just puppets of the puppet masters. We need to all become Toto and work together to reveal what is going on behind that curtain. They must be exposed and adjudicated before they do irrevocable harm to our once free United States of America as well as to the world because this is a plan to institute a malevolent world government. There is a reason that there is a relentless war on whistle-blowers right now. They are trying to keep us in the dark. We must support those who are trying to turn on the lights and reveal what is going on behind the curtain.

As a Christian, I do understand that such a time as this was predicted long ago in the bible; however, I also understand that as a Americans we must strive as hard as we can to keep America free for as long as we possibly can—even Nineveh was given a hundred year reprieve; so, at this pivotal time in our history where we will be determining the future of freedom, perhaps for the whole world, we must make a fateful decision. Imagine for instance a world where there had been no country to oppose the Nazis for example. This is where they are headed, to a world run by a tyrannical fascistic oligarchy where no country is able to oppose them.  At this fork in the road, are we going to take the way that leads to bondage and darkness and perhaps the near extinction of our species, or do we take the route laid out by our founders and find our way back to a world of sanity where individual freedom and liberty rule the day? Will it be 1984 or 1776? The choice is ours to make and if we fail to decide, it will be decided for us because those in control consider inaction to be compliance and compliance to be affirmation.